Friends of Rivers is the result of one person's dream of salmon and sea-trout once more finding their way up the River Asker, to Loders, near Bridport, Dorset, UK.
That person was John Hughes.

It has its origins in the early 2,000's when John began to investigate what might be done to facilitate the migration of fish through the various barriers on the Asker.
Over time this was extended to include the whole of the Brit/Asker River system, from where it meets the sea at West Bay up to the sources of its constituent streams.

Below is a timeline of the major milestones in the life of Friends of Rivers and the development of its associations with other agencies/associations from its inception up to the present.

Early 2000's
John Hughes begins his quest for removal barriers on the Asker

2004 - May
John Hughes commissions Greg Armstrong, National Fish Pass Officer to come up with a design for a fish pass at Loders Steps

2005 - Dec
Alternative design for series of pools besides Loders Steps rejected by Environment Agency

2006 - May
First of fact finding River Walks organised by John Wreford. These continued until 2009

2008 - Aug
Early meetings of core team investigate setting up a charity in order to raise funds to tackle the main barriers in a systematic way;
the barriers identified as Palmers Brewery, Jessop's Flood Defence Weir and Gundry's Weir
John Hughes subsequently makes contact with Richard Slocock and Charles Dutton of Frome, Piddle & West Dorset Fisheries Association

2009 - Jan
Charles Dutton joins Friends of Rivers

2009 - Feb
John Hughes asks Geoff May to take over Chair.

2009 - Apr
Site meeting at Jessops with Roger Genge - first substantive contact with Environment Agency

2010 - Mar
"Artisan" fish pass installed at Jessop's thanks to determined efforts of Roger Genge to overcome lack of funding
Charles Dutton secures funding from West country Rivers Trust to install fish pass at Palmers Brewery

2011 - Aug
Fish pass installed at Palmer's Brewery

2012 - Apr
FoR Flyfishers set up. This is a fishing club set up under the aegis of FoR.
Chairman is Roger Guppy

2012 - Jul
Geoff May and Charles Dutton meet Nick Gupta and Jim Flory of the Environment Agency.
This leads to the establishment of a Programme Board to oversee the systematic removal of barriers on the Brit & asker and Frome & Piddle.
Dylan Bright form Westcountry Rivers Trust joins Programme Board

2013 - Aug
Westcountry Rivers Trust complete works to prevent silting at Pymore fish pass under supervision of Olivia Durkin

2014 - Sept
Fish pass installed at Gundry's Weir